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For Sale: West Indian red peppers / Contact Seller for Cost

West Indian red peppers for sale Contact Cestan Hills Farm Hanover 876 864 9360 876 894 9670 876 307 5890 876 784 5335

For Sale: Delicious Jamaican Molasses / $250 JMD per 750ml

Sweet, thick delicious molasses touted as a “superfood” is an excellent alternative to refined sugar. Tel 876 839 4612


Looking For: Ezporter

I am opening a restaurant in Washington D.C. and am looking to bring in any and all Jamaican/Caribbean ingredients that I can including but not limited to Bammy, breadfruit, pimento leaf and wood, seasoning peppers, and scotch bonnets.


Looking For: Sweet yam

I am looking to buy large quantities of sweet Yam for my new restaurant in Washington D.C.


Looking For: Coffee

I am looking to buy large quantities of coffee for my new restaurant in Washington D.C.


Looking For: Scott bonnets

I am looking for large quantities of scot h bonnet peppers for my new restaurant in Washington D.C.


For Sale: Vervine

Contact Seller for Cost

In Jamaica vervine is used for nervous disorders, as an eye tonic and to clean wounds. Traditionally it is combined with sour sop and semi-contract to expel worms and other parasites. Vervine is also used for a variety of female sexual and reproductive health conditions.

In the Eastern Caribbean vervine is used for colds, fevers, and worms. The leaves can be applied to sores and wounds to cleanse and heal. In Africa vervine is used to treat gonorrhoea, eye trouble and heart conditions.

Vervine is used in South America for respiratory and gastric problems. It is also used to treat asthma, ulcers and chronic liver disorders.

Vervine roots are used in the Philippines to treat gonorrhoea and to cause abortions. The leaves are used for worms and as a poultice for sprains and wounds

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