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Looking For: Sweet Potatoes to buy

Looking for export quality sweet potatoes to buy. Call 381-1168

For Sale: Ginger Tea / Contact Seller for Cost

Jamaican Ginger Tea Drink it up and melt away any kind of stomach ache. This tea works wonders on your digestive system while providing you with ultimate comfort. It makes you say “Thank God for TEA”

For Sale: Moringa Tea / Contact Seller for Cost

Jamaican Moringa Tea Reminds us that tea was a medicine long before it became a beverage. Moringa is an amazing miracle cure for numerous aliments

For Sale: Lemon Grass / Contact Seller for Cost

Jamaican Lemon Grass This divine herb really forces you to relax, forgetting about your problems, even makes you sleep like a baby. Drink it reverently and allow it to work.

For Sale: Sorrel Ginger / Contact Seller for Cost

Jamaican Sorrel Ginger Allow a cup of sorrel to naturally treat your bacterial infections and inflammation. Hot or cold, sorrel does wonders for your soul and calms your spirit.

For Sale: Peppermint Tea / Contact Seller for Cost

Jamaican Peppermint Tea Allow some comfort and happiness into your life with a soothing cup of peppermint tea. Handpicked in the hills cool hills of Jamaica guaranteeing your satisfaction and much cheer.

For Sale: Guinea Hen Tea / Contact Seller for Cost

Jamaican Guinea Hen Tea Packed full of anti-oxidants and known to reduce cancer risk,strong and full of vitality with its unique flavor. Good for your heart.

Looking For: Dasheen

Dasheen Export Quality Must Not be from Swamp lands Should have a little cabbage attached for delivery Size 1 1/2 to 3lbs ( Pound and a half to three pounds)

Looking For: Star Apple

Large Purple Skin Star Apples Stem should be clip but not removed No bruises

Looking For: Callaloo

Export Quality Callaloo MUST be free of worms and any type of pest We purchase between the months of November – May j

Looking For: Sweet Potato

Variety of Yellow Belly Up lifters or Quarter Million Size (3/4 lb – I 1/2 lb) Three quarters of a pound to Pound and a half

For Sale: Turmeric Tea / Contact Seller for Cost

Jamaica Turmeric Enjoy the anti-inflammatory benefits known to be associated with reduced levels of Alzheimer’s disease. You will not forget its strong characteristic flavor.